Louis Armstrong and King Oliver Louis Armstrong

Pochette album Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong and King Oliver


Louis Armstrong and King Oliver

  • Just Gone

  • Canal Street Blues

  • Mandy Lee Blues

  • I'm Going Away To Wear You Off My Mind

  • Chimes Blues

  • Weather Bird Rag

  • Dippermouth Blues

  • Froggie Moore

  • Snake Rag

  • Alligator Hop

  • Zulu's Ball

  • Workingman Blues

  • Krooked Blues

  • Mabel's Dream

  • Mabel's Dream

  • Southern Stomp

  • Southern Stomp

  • Riverside Blues

  • Texas Moaner Blues

  • Of All the Wrongs You've Done To Me

  • Terrible Blues

  • Santa Claus Blues

  • Paroles de Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning

  • Early Every Mornin'

  • Paroles de Cake Walking Babies From Home

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