pochette album LØVE (Deluxe Version)
  1. I Won't Give Up
  2. The Weight of Your Love Documentary
  3. Please Don't (feat. Santigold)
  4. Dancing Together (feat. Sharon Jones)
  5. Eleven Days (feat. Cyndi Lauper)
pochette album LØVE (Edition collector piano SOLO)
  1. Chou wasabi (feat. Micky Green)
  2. Paris-Seychelles
  3. Paris-Seychelles (Piano-Voix)
  4. Chou Wasabi (Piano-Voix)
  5. Week-End à Rome (Piano-Voix)
pochette album Bichon (version deluxe)
  1. Laisse avril
  2. Baie des anges
  3. Roubaix mon amour
  4. L'été Summer
  5. Homosexuel
pochette album Chou Wasabi (feat. Micky Green) - Single
  1. Chou Wasabi (feat. Micky Green) [Radio Edit]
pochette album Ersatz (Version deluxe)
  1. Les limites
  2. Les bords de mer
  3. First Lady (Democratic Radio Edit)
  4. Pudding Morphina
  5. SS In Uruguay
pochette album Moi... Lolita - EP
  1. Moi... Lolita
  2. Freaky New Child
  3. You Really Got Me
  4. Moi... Lolita (Dig Up Elvis Version)
pochette album Kiss Me Forever - Single
  1. Kiss Me Forever
  2. Forever Sunlight Sets (I Remember the Last Time You Kissed Me Cuz I'll Never Forget, I'll Relive the Moment Over and Over, Wish You the Best, Goodbye) [feat. Tomi]
pochette album Holiday (Bande originale du film)
  1. Çampari
  2. Sonnerie téléphone - Dance With My Music
  3. Dance With My Music
  4. Prélude de Bach (Live)
  5. Chantal
pochette album Ensemble - Single
  1. Ensemble
  2. Ensemble
  3. Plus ensemble
  4. Ensemble
  5. Tous ensemble (feat. Passi)
pochette album Les limites - EP
  1. Les limites (Patricia chante Julien danse)
  2. Les limites (Julien chante homme barbu danse)
  3. Les limites (Julien chante Patricia danse)
  4. Les limites