pochette album You Can't Hide (Your Love from Me) - EP
  1. You Can't Hide (Your Love from Me) [12" Mix]
  2. You Can't Hide (Your Love from Me) [Larry Levan Mix]
  3. Joys of Life
  4. You Can't Hide (Your Love from Me) [Sure Is Pure Radio Remix]
pochette album Get Down - Single
  1. Get Down
  2. Get Down (Club Mix)
  3. Get Down
  4. Get Down to This (Extended Mix)
  5. Get Down
pochette album Broken Record - EP
  1. Tip Toes
  2. Till I Fall Asleep
  3. Broken Record
  4. Love Whiplash
  5. Broken Record
pochette album Get Down (The Remixes) - Single
  1. Get Down (Night Creatures Deeper Remix)
  2. Get Down (Deepmilo Remix)
  3. Get Down (Matt Pendergast Remix)
  4. Get Down (Jonathan Sorge Remix)
  5. Get Down (Night Creatures Remix)
pochette album Heaven's Kiss
  1. Glory
  2. Hope Once Again
  3. A Love Lost
  4. You're Free to Fly
  5. The Beat of My Heart
pochette album I'm Coming Home
  1. Cornerman
  2. The Cool Song
  3. Take a Dance With Me
  4. I'm Coming Home
  5. Goodbye Emily Lang
pochette album Wherever I Go
  1. Music Matador
  2. Wherever I Go
  3. Jitterbug Waltz
  4. Do Big Things
  5. September Sun