Paroles Alpha beta gaga

Le - modifié le - Par .

Yeah, from Chi-town to France
Yeah, we gonna do it, uh, Rhymefest and Air

How you feel there?
Rhymefest breathe this to 'em like fresh air
On my Vespa looking like a real playa
I could roll up to the club in a wheelchair
Look, he's still there
Get in our room
I walk up with your girl with the harpoon
Take her to the V.I.P, this is our room
Now you know that it's a shame
'Cause you in your PJs watching cartoons
As I walk down the street whistlin' this
Lookin' for a place, 'cause boy do I miss
A place that I can chill away from fake shit
I can't play 'cause I am not complacent
My spot at the top will not be vacant
I whistle as I walk the pavement to pay rent

To the B, to the G, here we go
To the B, to the G

And the beat goes ka-tah ka-tah
Alpha Beta Gaga, could you feel it now?
And the bells go ga-ding ga-ding
Alpha Beta Gaga got you thinkening
Can you smell that?
Inhale fresh air, exhale that
From the 'burbs to the rich upscale flats
To the Paris 94 where they sell crack
Where the drums, where them ooh, we bells at
And all the noise you was kickin', you could kill that
The dance floor on E we can feel that, still black, this is the real rap
Something you can feel, when you move you're still trapped
Realize Alpha Beta Gaga got the real vibe
Everybody throw your hands in the sky-sky
Sippin' by the beach, sippin' on a Mai Tai
This is my time
I'm not a referee but the track is so official
If you rappers out of bounds I'ma blow the whistle
Blow the whistle?

To the B, to the G, here we go
To the B, to the G

A, B, G, okay, A, B, G
A, B, G

A, B, G, Alpha Beta Gaga

Yeah, welcome to the fraternity of Alpha beta gaga
You will be hazed, you will be amazed
We are coming through and this is our anthem
When you hear the whistle (gaga, gaga)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

To the A, to the B, to the G, here we go!
A, to the B, to the G, here we go!
To the B, to the G, here we go!
To the B, to the G

Underground from the Alpha
Wait a minute don't bother
Homeboy get harder
If you wanna go gaga
If you wanna go gaga
Wait a minute on the Alpha
Well, my guess is the father, why would you bother?
Bring my rap a little harder
Get-get a little smarter
Everybody in the world, gaga
There is no university for this
There is no higher learning
But there will be a higher feelin' right here

Mark Ronson
Air, Rhymefest
A, B, G, now you're elite
A, B, G
All right now, ha ha ha!


Jean Benoit Dunckel, Nicolas Godin