Paroles Glory, Glory

Le - Par .

Glory, glory, hallelujah
Since I laid my burdens down
Well, I'm feeling better, so much better
Now I know that you're around yeah

Before you came into me, somebody had to show me
There was more to life than living, there was loving, there was giving

Glory, glory
That's the story of the way you made me smile, well
And I betcha, I'm glad I metcha
Someone like you well that's my style yeah

People laugh and say it
""Well I guess he's feeling good""
Well I guess if that's the weigh in
I just really have to say that I love you
Have to say it, have to say it that I love you


Then I'll let you bear it, let me share it
Love is joy I have found, well
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Plus I have to say it right now, well

I'm feeling joy all night above all most feelings
Got me singing and dancing
Heavens doors are almost ceiling
That I love you
Yeah have to say it say it say it that I love you

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