Paroles Soon as I Get Home

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Miss One?

There's a feeling here inside that I cannot hide
And I know I've tried but it's turning me around
I'm not sure that I'm aware if I'm up or down
Or here or there, I need both feet on the ground

Maybe I'm just going crazy
Let myself get uptight
I'm acting just like a baby
But I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be alright

Soon as I get home
Soon as I get home
Soon as I get home

In a different place in a different time
Different people around me
I would like to know of that different world
And how different they find me

And just what's a Wiz?
Is he big, will he scare me?
If I ask to leave will the Wiz even hear me?
How will I know then if I'll ever get home again?

Here I am alone though it feels the same
I don't know where I'm going
I'm here on my own and it's not a game
And a strange wind is blowing

I'm so amazed at the things that I see here
Don't want to be afraid, I just don't want to be afraid
I just don't want to be here in my mind this is clear
What am I doing here?

I wish I was home
I wish
I wish
I wish

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