Paroles Your Move

Le - modifié le - Par .

I don't understand it, 'cause you won't say yes,
But you don't say no.
Sayin' no we shouldn't, you keep holdin' out,
But you don't let go.
I'm givin' up on trying
To sell you things that you ain't buying.

It's your move. (Your move.)
I played all of mine.
Time is running out.
Make your move... (Your move.)
Or we can't go on
Till you understand.
It's all in your hands,
It's your move.

You're giving me the business, with that old come on,
But you don't come across.
You get me so excited, don't you know you're such a tease?
When I think you're gettin' hot, you're not,
So what's the problem, what's wrong?
This kiss and miss, you know, it can't go on.


(Know it can't go on,) go on.
I'm givin' up on trying now, it's (your move.)
Girl, if you ain't buyin', now it's (your move.)
I gave it all I got, now it's (your move.)
I thought you were hot, but you're not, so it's (your move, your move, your move.)

[Chorus x 3]

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