Paroles A Thousand Drunken Dreams

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Lover loves me, but he loves somebody new
Lover wants me to be his mother too
He don't recognize his luck until his luck is through

He's a nightingale, I'm an ugly dove
I don't wanna speak, said enough
No one can mend this human heart that's torn in two

In a moment's space he's gone
And my ship has run aground
And a thousand drunken dreams are sunken
When you leave me, lover, please leave me something.

You don't leave me diamonds, don't leave me jewels
You leave me silence, you leave me bruised
You leave me with the knowledge of the evil we do

But nothing could control the weather
And nothing could console my devils
And no one knows the manner in which he'll burn


You wrapped me in the stained shroud of morning
And pulled the cord
You threw me through the stained-glass floor
You dropped me in the hole, whole lot of nothing


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