Paroles Rhythm Of Love (LP Version)

Le - modifié le - Par .

You know, this old world just,
Keeps on spinning around and around and around
And sometimes it just spins too fast
And you, you not only lose your balance
But you lose your rhythm and
It's at times like these that you just need to stop
And not only find your way again but find your own rhythm
Because life has a rhythm?
And mother nature has a rhythm
And love? Oh yes, love has a rhythm
[Song starts:]
Can't cha come away, away tonight and talk to me
Far away from all the world's insanity.
Fill your heart with music tonight.
Satisfy your soul and ease your mind.
Open your arms, close your eyes
Hearts will harmonize
Making music in your arms
Never before, never anymore
Will you be alone
Now that you have known
My rhythm of love, baby
Rhythm of love
Rhythm of love
Rhythm love darling
Rhythm of love
Hold me closer
Times are troubled, there's no doubt
Where's the cure in times like these?
The rhythm of love is the remedy
Open your arms?.
I'll never leave anyone, a fool could see
We have all we need, as long as
We believe
The rhythm of love
Oh Lord, where would I go?
Oh without you here to love me baby?
Oh Lord, what would I do?
Oh without you here to love me, ahh yeah?
I can't stop it
I don't want to stop it
Darling oh no, no
Oh you must live by the rhythm
Oh you must love by the rhythm
Oh you must live by the rhythm
Oh you must love by the rhythm

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