Paroles Since the Last Time

Le - modifié le - Par .

It's been years since we blessed stages
Together, we covered bases together and whether
We all agreed or not 20/20 vision is hindsight, and
Now we got that so we done got back.
Some of our soldiers have fallen so many years of toiling
Touring tears falling naw pouring jaded from the industries
Jabs a lil slower like Muhammad Ali but still we able to last so
We go in the studio it felt new but yet in a good way it felt old
Routines we did came back so lucid we was boosted we juiced it
And came up with some tracks that's stupid and people responded
To em, heads on the blocks wit locks and baggie jeans the whole
Scene was fond to em and how we got the labels kissin'
Our hind parts we desired art and never sold out for the igh chart positions

I have been a thousand places
Seen a million faces
Since the last time

I have been a thousand places
Seen a million faces
Since the last time

Since the last time
Many rap groups attempt to latch to the popular cultures statutes
And thus they detach their roots from the soil that kept them
Loose and made what they delivered so true
There's a desert waste land of past artists that's so cruel feeling thrown out like
Woody in toy story two and yo we felt that but let me tell you Satan
He dealt that I think it's time to give him his deck back.


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