Paroles Praisin' U

Le - modifié le - Par .

I've got to do what I got to do
I know that time passes by
But I keep on livin' for the love of something better
I've got to feel the pleasure, yeah
'Cause I know why I'm in this world right now
I got to praise Him all in the open
I know that time passes through
But ain't one day I ain't gone be praisin

I, I keep on praisin' and standing
I know that God has my life within his palms
And his arms wide open
I, I see that thangs ain't gonna be easy ya'll
So I need that fundamental base now
I see the sand is running out
Cause I know U are pure truth
I want to give my all for U

Got me praisin' U
Got me buggin' off of U
Got me moving mountains
Movin' negative vibes from around me
Got me praisin U
Got me lovin' U
Got me climbing mountains
Movin' mountains, pouring libation

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