Paroles You're Gonna Hear From Me

Le - modifié le - Par .

Everyone tells me to know my place
But that ain't the way I play
So why am I daring to show my face?
Well, I've got something to say

Move over sun and give me some sky
I've got me some wings I'm eager to try
I may be unknown, but wait till I've flown
You're gonna hear from me

Make me some room, you people up there
On top of the world, I'll meet you I swear
I'm staking my claim, remember my name
You're gonna hear from me

Fortune smiled, on the road before me
And I'm fortune's child
Now listen world, you can't ignore me

Toss me the moon, 'cause I gotta shine
I'm climbin' a cloud and callin' it mine
You'll pardon my haste, I've no time to waste
That's how it's gonna be, you'll see
'Cause you're gonna hear from me

I've got a song that longs to be played
Raise up my flag, begin my parade
My comet's on fire, I've got to go higher
Watch the world over, start comin' up clover
That's how it's gonna be, you'll see
Yes, you're gonna hear from me, me, me

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