Paroles Farmer?s Daughter

Le - Par .

My daddy is a farmer, that makes me the farmer's daughter
But it's no joke we're always broke, can't live on dirt and water
Can't live on dirt and water.

We can't plant and we can't grow. We can't reap and we can't sow
Don't own the seed can't plant our rows, it all belongs to Monsanto
All belongs to Monsanto.

Dupont, Dow and Monsanto, We are what we eat
They own the pollen own the seeds, own us from head to feet
Own the air we breath.

Sister shed her overalls, put on heels and skirt
City bound she fled the ground to strike her own pay dirt
Strike her own pay dirt

My brother donned a uniform, to keep us safe from harm
But terror is as terror does, the bank foreclosed our farm
Foreclosed the family farm.

Jesse James he robbed the banks, they shot that boy to death
Now the banks are robbing us we got nothing left,
We got nothing left,
We got nothing left.