Paroles Black Pearl

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Got a little problem she said
Shift of her hips she was out of my bed
Standing in the corner with her hands on her head
This world is too big of a place for me
Seeing things I don't want to see
Tempted to be things I do not want to be
And I cannot feel this world
I'm tired of this pain
Caught up in my anger
Drowning in this wave
Once I was a little girl

Had no problems with this world
This world was an oyster I was its black pearl
But now I'm tall enough to see their eyes
I'm smart enough to fight their lies
You know I'm big enough
Don't need to worry about my size
And I'm fast enough
I don't need to run
I'm smart enough
I don't need their guns
You know I work too hard but
I still know how to have my fun

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