Paroles A Child With the Blues

Le - Par .

Could have never known that windows
Could hurt you so very bad
Could have never known that witches
Would make you feel so very sad

I don't know what to do
I just feel so confused
I'm a child with the blues

Take your time smell the flowers
Oh yeah, make smile for yourself
Girl, don't make livin' so hard, so hard, so hard
I keep tellin' myself

Feels like I'm goin' away
Sometimes it ain't all damn fair
A child with the blues

Sisters, sisters, I know you watchin' me
There are lot of care reachin' for you constantly
When you thing you're grown you enterin' the unknown

Baby, check yourself
Brace yourself
Protect yourself
Face yourself

Feels like my life is just existing
And I'm missin' some one
It's hard to replace the simple fact
Cause my lover is gone, gone, no, oh

Never too young to pay a dues
And if you're walkin' in my shoes
You're a child with the blues
So blue, so blue

I can't stop the float, it ain't stop it
Of wet tears in my eyes
And if you're any other many kind of women in pain
Woman in pain rely, rely

Same emotion we share
Movin' fast but goin' nowhere
Like a child with the blues
Child with the blues
Without the blue, blue, blue
A child with the blues

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