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Paroles "Justine" - Indochine

Justine Justine
Phantom of the trail
I cast you as the love interest
An unwitting portrayal
If fate decrees reunion
Then how, where and when
A part of me was lost to you
For me to find again

I'm riding on the back of luck
Luck's an empty shirt
Lost my ring in a handshake
Those sharks know how to hurt
I hit the bottle
The bottle hit back hard
I played the joker
You played the winning card

On a bus or on a train
The heart rules the head
Leads me down a winding lane
I lost a dream in London Town
In Holland Park
Tears and a paper crown

I call you Justine

Sometimes you're in the country
MOstly in the town
On the Up-Escalator as I am going down
I never catch your name
So you're always called Justine
Always longed for fleeting beauty often seen

You are omnipresent
London, Paris, Rome
And in a way
Transience is your home
So it's a fond farewell
Maybe never more
On that sad independence day
I'll knock on wood and it will be your door

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