Paroles Give Me Some Skin

Le - modifié le - Par .

Send a letter to the next one on the list and if
He wants you to be there, I will let you go
I can't swallow anything now
Did you think it took talent or vision
To be strung up on a pine tree in the snow?

I remember when I took a walk
To anyplace - didn't care what time it was
Tripped through lost cities and
The blueprint of what I saw
Was in my head
Here in my head,
I hear a stroke

Tried to reach you every hour
I was strangling on my guts to let you know
End to end a stray
The thief could not decide to stay
Above the radar's eye, or below

Drop it on the bed, try a masterpiece instead

Get me stuck in any town
A watch just tells when not the truth
You never saw what I'd become, an idiot
To not appreciate your time
To not appreciate your time, spend some on me

I see it now
A body's a string
Spend some on me, spend some on me
I see it now
Give me some skin
Spend it on me, spend it on me
Me, me, me, me...

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