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John Williams

Né(e) le : 08/02/1932

Nom de naissance : John Towner Williams

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Musique de film

An American Journey [B.O.F.]

An American Journey [B.O.F.]

An American Journey [B.O.F.]

  1. Call of the Champions (The Official Theme of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games)
  2. American Journey/I. Immigration and Building
  3. American Journey/II. The Country at War
  4. American Journey/III. Popular Entertainment
  5. American Journey/IV. Arts and Sports
  6. American Journey/V. Civil Rights and the Women's Movement
  7. American Journey/VI. Flight and Technology
  8. Song for World Peace
  9. Jubilee 350
  10. The Mission Theme (Theme for NBC News)
  11. For New York (Variations on Themes of Leonard Bernstein)
  12. Sound the Bells!
  13. Hymn to New England
  14. Celebrate Discovery
  15. Summon the Heroes (for Tim Morrison)