Paroles Crash Landing

Le - modifié le - Par .

You don’t love me , you just want me
So let’s make it baby, so I can leave
You don’t need me
You just want to bleed me
So take out your dagger, and cut me free, cut me free
Cut me free

You don’t love me, you just want to suffocate me
So hand me your blankets and take your dirty sheets
Dirty sheets, yeah
Take your dirty sheets
Well I must admit that you can be a pretty good artist
But I’ve never seen that smile painted all across your face
Baby, baby on your
Baby on your face
Baby on your face
Oh I do declare you should be a rocket
You get me spaced out, laid out, look at the sun fade out
And you almost made me leave my faith outside

Hey, look at ya, all lovey-dovey when you mess around with that needle
Well I
I wonder how would your loving be other-wise
I wonder just how would your loving be, other-wise
Well dig this brother
I’m gonna spank your hands and I’m gonna throw away your stupid needle
I’m gonna try to make love straight, for the very first and last time
Slow it down sugar, unless you in a hurry to die
You don’t love me girl, you just want to hurt me
So let’s hurry and get this scene over so can marry up with that old sweet

You don’t need me, you just wanna see me watch you, run after that suicide ball
Bouncin’ across the freeway
Bang, bang! Shoot, shoot
As long as you’re yourself girl, I’ll try not to give a hoot
Oh, yeah, yes, slow down
Bang, bang! Shoot, shoot
Slow down, slow down, slow down

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