Paroles Mockingbird Song

Le - Par .

Now hush, now honey, here's the word
My baby's gonna buy me a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don't sing
Baby's gonna buy me a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring won't shine
We'll still have a real good time
So I'm sitting right here

To this man that I have found
I'm gonna sing the sweetest sound
And if that sweetest sound don't rock
I'm gonna buy him a music box

And if that music box don't play
He's gonna stay with me anyway
So I'm makin' it clear

When that man and I are wed
I'm gonna keep him warm in bed
And when my man's no longer hot
I'm gonna bring him a vodka shot

And when that spirit's made him strong
I'm gonna stay with him all night long
I'll be holding on tightly

He's gonna buy me a mockingbird