Paroles Believe Me

Le - Par .

Everything that I tell you, girl, every word that you hear
Every little whisper, let me make myself clear
There ain't no lies to deceive you, I love you too much for that
Every word that I say is true, you can believe me on that

My friends tell me jealous lies
Now I'm getting my goodbyes

Life without you, my dear
Was dull, as dull as can be
I'm asking my love, not to leave me in doubt
Not to leave me in misery


If you take in all they say
I guess I'll be on my way
Please, my darling, it's not true
I don't know this girl called Sue

Sue's a name I have not heard (no-no-no-no)
I lost my girl from that one word (no-no-no-no)
Will she come back, I just don't know
And I'm takin' a heavy blow, oh

I've got myself together (no-no-no-no)
I can't go on in this cold weather (no-no-no-no)
Christmas comes but once a year
It's a time of love and cheer

Your friends tell you jealous lies
Now I'm getting my goodbyes

(No no no no)
(No no no no)
(No no no no)
(No no no no)

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