Paroles Kiss the Bride

Le - Par .

don't worry bout the weather,
because you can't change that,
and don't worry bout your mother,
she'll just do what mothers do,
your looking beautiful tonight girl,
and your father will be proud of you.
la la la, don't worry bout the party,
it's in a castle by the sea,
don't worry bout the music,
don't you know the dj's a friend of mine,
and in the morning we'll be flying high,
to that island in the sky,
oh I can't wait til I see you,
walking down the isle,
I can't wait til I hold you,
all dressed up in white on our wedding night,
the priest will take our hands,
now you're man and wife,
kiss the bride.........,
and all the birds will sing,
la la la, ohhhh well
I know it's old fashioned,
but thats the way I feel,
and I know it's out of style,
but I can't help -
cant help falling in love with you......

Malcolm Charlton

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