Paroles Abc 123

Le - modifié le - Par .

Yo, let me take you to the next level
Let your mind be free

[Chorus 1]
Let your mind be free
If you want to get with me
Simple as 1-2-3
Talkin' 'bout ABC
Like it real nasty
If you want to play with me
Oh boy don't waste my time

You can keep me on a chain
But I don't think you can take the pain
And all the things that I put you through
It just drove you crazy cause I'm so crazy

[Chorus 2]
You took control and set me free (set me free)
Between the flame of you and me (you and me)
And even though I had it all (had it all)
I still reached out for more

[Chorus 1]

I like your way without knowing how
But there's some things that still get me down
The same old way of making love
It's not quite enough, I need some more

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1: Repeats]

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