Paroles Sage Wisdom From Uncle Bun B and E-40

Le - Par .

Yo Mike, its Uncle Bun
Yo man, I just wanna congratulate you man
You know, this walk across America is, is really ambitious
It's not gonna be easy
But it's absolutely possible
And you have everything you need inside of you to accomplish this
You know, 'cause, if you going uphill that means you get a view, you know
So enjoy the view
We love you Mike
Stay strong, and good luck

Ay, what's happenin' Mike?
Mike, what's happenin' with you family?
This E-40 man, just um
Just wishing you well man, on your journey man
And whatever you do, don't, don't give up brother
Keep your head up mane
'Preciate you mane
Good luck with everythang
Much love, 4-0 mane

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Mike Posner, Earl Stevens, Bernard Freeman