Paroles That Is The Matter

Le - modifié le - Par .

Watching my favorite reality show
Waiting for the commercial to get another Diet Pepsi
I got 5 minutes between two programs, so I'm already wearing my coat
The musical theme starts and I'm running to the grocery
Buying my lottery, saving to the cashier,
I'd better be lucky 'cause the government steals all my money

My teenagers are doing drugs and my baby girl wears thongs
I called 3 or 4 times to the open lines to give my point of view about it
I also thought about writing a letter to the prime minister

He has to know that our kids are out of hand because of rap music
And movie cause if they are violent its all their fault
They're too young to tell the difference between fiction & reality

And I don't really remember the day I fell down in the hole But watch me
Trying to get out of it by digging deeper

They're trying to sell us a beer that's 99% water The weather is too cold
And we pay that with our taxes

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