Paroles Useless

Le - modifié le - Par .

I thought for a long time
That it began the day you left
Saying goodbye on mama's porch
Forsaking this troubled woman
Cause you thought you did your best
And couldn't give more
You never meant to let me down
But finally I was alone
She's crazy its not her fault
But I paid for it anyway
You needed to save yourself
How come you didn't save me too?
Why did you leave me there?

It all began the day he left
It must be someone else's fault
Cause you gave all the love that you had
Talking about it with all your friends
Cause the phone is the only escape
From this apartment
You never wanted me to suffocate
But finally I drowned with you
He's a rat, don't ever trust him
I don't trust anyone anyway
You nedded to save yourself
And I'm old enough to understand to understand
Why do I always have to understand?

You might not realize how it hurt
You always did what you could
I just waited for something that never came
Tried all the ways to kill the pain
I'm what I am cause of it all
I'm glad I chose to save myself
I never meant to be ungrateful
But you owe it to me
I never meant to be rude
But it was the only way to say it
I never meant to be mad at you
But I was angry anyway
And it never got me anywhere

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