Paroles All the Midnights In the World

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Because I turned my eye toward you
Because I seek your hand
Every other woman envies you
And me, every other man

A massive circle of jealousy
Is coming round again
Those prickly fingered scallywags
That masquerade as friends

Make a promise this very night
That they will no longer pose
A threat to either one of us
Then let the chapter close

For all the midnights, in the world
This one will serve us better
If you choose to be my girl

Like Susan's petals
A wonderful life, the two of us shall lead
The children of the future've all the
Spiritual food they need

The secrets that the ones before
With grace, they've come and shown
Together with love for one another
We shall make them known

With the love and happy days
I number the grains of sand
Writing twelve times ever more
If I could be your man

Amethyst and rubies
Crystals and black pearls
I trade them all, just to spend with you
All the midnights, in the world

All the midnights, in the world

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