Paroles 319

Le - modifié le - Par .

'Bout time, come in

Take off your clothes
Bet you got a body, by God
Come on, let me see
you oughta

My camera's gonna get you when you get it good and wet
you oughta let me come and pet you so it lasts, baby

Can I see it, baby? (Mmm) Ow!

I got a good shot, put your leg on the chair (Like that?)
you know you're 2 hot when you play with your hair (Ha ha ha)
I like it

I just want to holler, scream, and shout
When you let your fingers do the walkin' in and out and all about

Ah hoochie, don't do that
U.. U.. you make me want to dance!

Now watch this

Lock the door and kill the phone
My camera, you and me alone
Will make a picture all will see and go
"Ow, 319"

Oh baby, how'd you get your legs to do that?
Ooh shit

(319) {repeat in BG}
you're just to mean
Yeah, yeah, go on girl

Ain't gotta tell you 'cause you already know
Girl, you in the house so keep runnin' that show
Go on girl

Come here
Have you ever kissed another woman on the dance floor?
Come here, where you goin'?
Come here
319 (319)


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