Paroles Who's That - Edited

Le - modifié le - Par .

[Fat Joe & R. Kelly:]
What? Keep going baby!

[Fat Joe]
Whoo! Whoo! Terror Squad! Uh, uh-huh
Rockland! Joe Crack, the are

[R. Kelly]
Sitting at the bar with mama
Shorty trying to bring the drama
But she cannot phase a player
'cause this pimp is a moneymaker

Meetings from Shawtown to LA
Yo I came to get down at this party
I got my eyes on Keesha and Shante'
Rolling it like this track was raggae

I roll through the hottest club!
With about a hundred thugs!
Get about a thousand bucks
For chicks who wanna roll on dubs

[Chorus: R. Kelly:]
Yo, whose that in the jeep (some mami's)
Whose that off up in the truck (my niggas)
Yo what ya'll doin' tonight (we thuggin')
Yo what's off up in that cup (some liquior)
Well, I'm rollin' with y'all (we'll let's go)
Shorty where's the alcohol (right here)
Now lemme hit that pace (for shizzle)
Shorty can we make our day

[R. Kelly:]
Here, take a brodda to a pool party
Right off up at Miami!
Ten g's for the best bikini
Looking for the biggest booty

She got the crowd goin crazy
'cause this track here is so amazing
Yo we with a little (whoo!) life lookin hazy
Still you R&B cats can't phase me


Yo, yo, yo, yo
I'm driving a fast car, jump to the third lane
Mami in passenger, spilling the champagne
We stop at a red light, she driving me insane
Yo we fiending like the shit was shit
Stop playing girl the way ya shake a fatty back
So sexy the way you telling daddy that
Turn that ass around and lemme patty that
Got me saying man I'm trying to marry that

[Fat Joe]
Oh no! They did it again (who?!)
Rob and Joe they slip with ten (what?)
Damuses, wamuses, big Bahamas's
All kind of missis
Don't matter ya ma misses
What's love got to do with fuckin' there
Everyday a new group of chicks there
We headed to the islands, the games is life
Where the fame is
Shorty almost died when we came there
Girl I know you digging the ditty dop
This my world come through
The whole city stop
Looks like ice but actually it's really not
Damos, blandes, no lies around me
5000 thou we low on the time piece
In the south bronx where you can find me
Never mind me
That's is how we ball
I'm rolling with y'all
Now tell me shorty where's the alcohol


[Fat Joe]
Make em bounce baby!
Uh, yeah!
Uh (Keep going baby!)
That junk funky sticky, who-whee!
Uh! The are Joe Crack the don

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, JELLYBEAN MUSIC GROUP, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC