Paroles Intro - The Sermon

Le - modifié le - Par .

Are you ready for me?
Before I start, I just wanna get a few things off my chest.
(Take ya time brother)
You see, being in the business that I am in, looks like everything I do,
Everywhere I go, and everything I see,
Seems to be through some kind of magnifying glass-yes- Can I talk about it?
(Talk on,talk on)
While you're looking I suggest you take a good look'
And I hope you find just what it is you're looking for

Just like that song says- ain't nobody's business what I do
Now can I move on?
(Move on, move on, move on brother Kelly)
I remember when I was trying to be somebody, but I just didn't know nobody
(I didn't know nobody)
But now
I said now
Can I say it again?
(Gon' and say it again)
Now, every since God has blessed me, it seems that things are going a little
Bit different(yes it is)

Folks ain't it funny how things can say sometimes,why,even the Statue of
Liberty want some bump and grind
Can I getta witness off up in them jeeps (Amen)
I don't see nothing wrong with a little truth
Now-now, wait a minute, go that way
Ya see the good book says that the truth is the light,please, I think it's time
To turn on your lights and see the truth
Can, Can I talk on?
You don't know where I've been, you don't know where I'm going, You don't know
What I do.

Can I get a witness?
So before you go trying to pass judgment on me, pass judgment on yourself,
Worry bout yourself, and what yourself is doing, and where yourself is going,
And who yourself has been with
That way, you
You , You don't have to ever worry about nobody
But Jesus

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