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Good evening ladies, shall we start with hors d'oeuvres?
I can tell your body's been lacking the plater of satisfaction your body deserves
We have reservations and I'm so glad that we're here
'Cause I'll be toasting your juices all night like cheers
See you need someone who understands you have a delicate pallet
Let me cater to you while indulging in my own bad eating habits
It's a celebration and you're the cream of the crop
Let me, and I promise I won't leave a drop
But wait, this is just the appetizer
By the time I reach dessert a climax couldn't get no higher
A leg couldn't shake no harder, we goin' at it so crazy
This love so tasty, I'm talkin' my jelly in your pastry
See baby I got every need, every want, every craving you seek
I'll be going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper until lemons taste sweet
This is all you can eat from steak to sorbet
Welcome to the buffet

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Robert Kelly