Paroles Sometimes

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Let me tell you about my day
It's such a very long day
It started around seven
And I can hear your breath

That's why I love Sunday mornings
Even when it's cold
There was always something burning
That was good for my soul

As I walk through the yard
I can feel you presence
You're giving me the time of my life
And (...) me the life lessons

Now I know what they mean
When they say keep your heads in the sky
And don't be too quick to fit in
And don't (...) I have to try

This world is strange, so strange it is
You know it really hurts inside yeah (sometimes)
No matter how good you are to people you know
They'll make you cry sometimes (sometimes)

I'm so proud for you to see
The young man I came to be
With life long troubles
You kept a smile on my face

And as I'm looking all around me
A say how can I ever repay you
Mama was worth more than gold
And she always tried to tell me


There's been a few days
When people truly let me down
I said (...) things
Just to bring me down

And they would (......)
Just for their self motives and greed
But I guess that ain't nothing new
It's just something I gotta go through


Now how much more can I take before I shoot a kiss
Don't let them (...) for joke cause what you feel is very real yeah yeah

You know it makes me cry sometimes baby (sometimes)
Yes it does
Out of all the days and all the stories you've told me bout
You know I still hurt inside yeah (sometimes)

I go through life with my hands in the air
Said oh Lord help me there
Oh it hurts sometimes baby (sometimes)
Nobody can tell me better than you
About these things I will go through
Oh it hurts sometimes baby (sometimes)

Ohh oh, ohh oh, ooh oh, sometimes

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