Paroles The Sun´s Gonna Shine Again

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Ah, when I'm done
Mess again
Ho lord, and my baby
Don't understand

Well I know, ah, child
That the sun..sun gonna shine again...shine again
Well you say
That you'll always be mine

Hee, lady, would always
Treat me kind
But still I know, lord
That the sun.sun gonna shine again...shine again

Yey, lord baby
Well my skies
Are so cloudy grey
Oh, lawd, baby since you

Since you been away
Ah, but I know lord
That the sun.sun gonna shine again...yeah, shine again
Well, you're gonna be sorry baby

Yeah, for what you've done
Hee, lawdy, and I'll be far away
Havin' so much fun
Ahh, cause I know, lord

That the sun, sun gonna shine again..

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