Paroles 3/4 Time

Le - modifié le - Par .

I like enchiladas and old El Dorados that shine
My old friend the guitar and songs and women and wine
They say that I'm livin' too fast, but I'm feelin' fine (yeah)
And I just keep easin' along in 3/4 time

Sometimes I get sideways and stay up all night writin' songs
They say it ain't healthy, but somehow I keep goin' on (I do)
I write what I feel and don't care if the damn thing don't rhyme (no)
Just gimme a C-chord and play it in 3/4 time (got it)

It's a big old world and we all have to live out our lives
And one thing's for sure: ain't none of us gonna get out alive(sorry)

So while I'm still kickin', I'm gonna keep pickin' my tunes
I like what I'm doin' and I hope it don't end too soon
'Cause all of my life there's one thing I keep hopin' to find (yes)
A woman who likes to make love in 3/4 time (be nice, ya know)


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