Paroles Bahia Magic

Le - Par .

Well doll baby, doll baby
You are so cool
You are upsetting me
And all the boys at school

'Cause I love you
Oh yes, I love you
Uh huh, I love you
Say that you love me too

Well doll baby, doll baby
At 3 o'clock
We'll meet at the candy store
Join the gang and rock

'Cause I want you
Oh yes, I want you
Uh huh, I want to
Say that you want me too

Well doll baby, doll baby
Let's do the strobe
The lamp, bop slop
And the rock and roll

Let me teach you
Oh yes, let me teach you
Uh huh, let me teach you
Come and go with me

Lyrics © Spirit Music Group

Alan Moore, Donald Travis, Henry Mitchell, Johnny May, Paul Winley