Paroles She's Not Just A Pretty Face

Le - modifié le - Par .

(Oh na, na, na)

She hosts a T.V. show, she rides the rodeo
She plays the bass in a band
She's an astronaut
A valet at the parking lot
A farmer working the land
She is a champion, she gets the gold
She's a ballerina, the star of the show

She's, not, just a pretty face
She's, got, everything it takes
She has a fashion line
A journalist for "Time"
Coaches a football team
She's a geologist, a romance novelist
She is a mother of three
She is a soldier, she is a wife
She is a surgeon, she'll save your life


Oh, oh, yeah
Oh na, na, na, na
She is your waitress, she is your judge
She is your teacher
She is every woman in the world

Oh, la, la, la
She flies an airplane
She drive a subway train
At night she pumps gasoline
She's on the council, she's on the board
She's a politician, she praises the Lord


No, she's (she's) not (not)
Just a pretty face
She's (she's) got (got), everything it takes
She's, not, just a pretty face
She's got everything it takes
She's not just a pretty face

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