Paroles What A Way To Wanna Be!

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I don't want to wear that
It only makes me look fat
Time to tone my thighs,
Gotta lose another size,yeah!

Exfoliate,look great!
Feel guilty 'bout what you ate
You're buyin' all the books,
To learn the latest looks, teah
What a way to want to be

Moisturize, exercise, erase the
Rings around your eyes
Cover what you can,
Get a Coppertone tan, yeah
What a way to want to be!

Stabilize the mood you're in,
You're back on diet food again
Bigger is the best, but only
In the chest, yeah!
What a way to want to be!

We like to buy, we like to spend,
To keep up with the latest trend
But we don't get no satisfaction
Living like a slave to fashion
No more thinking for yourself
Just get it off a shelf

It's so very, unnecessary
Yeah, how insane, to be so vain
It's so synthetic, I just don't get it
I don't get it, baby, yeah, yeah

Don't be so obsesses, c'mon gice it rest
This is not some contest, just do your best
Cause no, oh body's perfect


Oh,no, oh body's perfect
No, oh it's not worth it
Don't be obsessed
(No, oh body's perfect)
This is not some contest
(No, oh body's perfect)
Perfect! What a way to want to be

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