Paroles Atom Tan (Album Version)

Le - modifié le - Par .

Now, the corporations stopped (Stopped pushing fast food)
Been a multiple shooting (Downtown at the bank)
Reluctantly the panic (Begins to catch fire)
But it did not affect (The steady sale of jun)
Oh, the state office looked (it looked like Hollywood)
With make-up bleeding (all over the cracks)
Woah, he blew his lines (facing the cameras)
He suffered the first (all-live heart-attack)

Oh, you've caught an even atom tan

The motor-cyanide (cyanide suicide)
He finally found (the brick wall in his life)
Shining up his engine (he dressed right up for it)
At the top of the speedo (he crumpled the bike)
There's plenty people runnin' (runnin' for cover)
Hoping at best (to hold off all the rest)
Onw last stand (at the bunker fire)
Machine gun (and pitchfork and breast)

Oh, you've caught an even atom tan

But it isn't so easy (so easy for lovers)
Chained, love-stained (at the top of the tower)
The pink hearse is leaving (at funeral speed)
Driving your heart (away with the flowers)
All night I waited (I waited for a horseman)
And his ever-faithful (his Indian friend)
I'm not the only one (of the caped crusader fan club)
Watching the sky (for mankind's friend)

Oh, you've caught an even atom tan

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