Paroles Let's Rock

Le - Par .

Here we go [Repeat: x3]

Let's Rock [Repeat: x6]

My name Chrisette Michele,
Get To know me well cause I got a whole lot to bring
Add a little flavor in the Disco, hope you like the tempo,
Let's go move your feet
Take two steps to the right,
just bop, do the wop, get fly, get fresh to death
Now just slide to the other side,
Let's do like Bey to the Left, To the left

All my lovely people to my Left, right now get ready for me
All my happy people to my right, right now move, to the beat
All my east coast people in the place to be, get ready to go
All my west coast people in the place just Rock, rock with me, Rock Rock

Let's Rock, Let's Rock, Let's Rock
Let's rock, Let's Rock, Let's Rock

Let me take a minute, Give me 116, one paper, one pen and one studio
Let me get a verse, yeah I got nerve, don't need to reherse, I just need to blow
So many ladies in the game right now, who want to rock with the chris on the microphone
I've been studying Ms. Billy, Ms. Ella, Ms. Sarah Vaughn, and Ms.Natalie Cole

All My people locked up, never give up, just hold your head up, oh oh
All my baby mommas, heart breaking, pretty mommas, just move ahead, oh oh
All my down south people in the place to be, get ready to go
All my mid-west people in the place, just Rock, rock with me, rock rock

[Chorus: x2]

Let's Rock

Give me just one moment and I'll take you away my friend in the Disco tonight
It's no matter who you are, won't you hear my heart, I will sing tonight
No longer you will worry, no longer you will hurt, girl
No longer my lovely, forever will you Rock with me, Rock Rock

[Chorus: x2]

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management


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