Paroles To My

Le - modifié le - Par .

It don't stop
Can't stop
Say what?
Play your parts
Uh huh it don't stop
Nas Esco'
Say what? Huh uh huh
Uh huh it don't stop
Uh uh huh uh uh uh
It don't stop what?
Yea yea Brave hearts
Guess what y'all? Check it

I splash y'all dudes with gats I use
Ice dangle off my chest cause my cash improve
Nice knuckle game, chip-toothed, way of buck and change
I want the dough, fuck the fame
Already made history, y'all can have that, that ain't shit to me
About to have my own ASCAP, and that's that
And plus a rotisserie, instead of Kenny Rogers
And Benihana's, y'all can eat, plenty at Nas'
Buffet of lobsters, dressed in Esco' boxers
With honies that sex so proper, best flow since Rakim
Liver, personification of drama
Describe my, characteristics, murder co-signer
Some will smoke embalmin fluid and vomit to it
I'm straight chronic, yo it's atomic how I blew up
Same ol' G, since I rocked Kangol's, Lee's
Nothin changed but my bankroll, still jig to the ankles

Please, to my niggas
To my bitches, to my gangsters
To my riders, to my niggas
To my bitches, to my niggas
To my riders, to my gangsters
To my bitches, to my niggas
And fly assholes, to my niggas
To my bitches, Timbaland and Esco'

Yo, yo, we rippin' tracks, it's like beatin' beats with bats
Watchin' crews change the views when the heat in they back
If you hear a click, trust me, you wouldn't hear clack
If you push it up front, I got no choice, but to pull it back
Your rhymes don't faze me, I'm above em, half y'all raps is
Born retarded, now you out here tryin' to get rid of em
You should be sick of it, I possess no flaws
That's from the man that made your Head Nod til you Lick-ed his Balls
Verses I spit em, when it's my turn to get em, I got hot flows
I only do shows for burn victims
So cock this mic, and bust out your back, kill you
And then they gonna blame me for fuckin' up rap
Who's fuckin with that? Skillz and Esco', it's on
When you speak in my direction, watch your tone
From Q-B to V-A, can't count the blocks we own
It's locked and sewn I repeat nigga, watch your tone


Yo come see
The big man with the diamonds and the fly Bentleys
Ladies love me, niggas say
"Timbaland's really rappin', what the fuck is up be?"
I kill niggas with seven thangs, most they jackin' beats
I'm a eight digit niggy
Maybe I just rebuild Titanic and send that out to see


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