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Louis Armstrong

Né(e) le : 04/08/1901

Nom de naissance : Louis Daniel Armstrong

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Crooner

The Real Ambassadors

The Real Ambassadors

The Real Ambassadors

  1. Everybody's Comin'
  2. Cultural Exchange
  3. Good Reviews
  4. Remember Who You Are
  5. My One Bad Habit
  6. Blow Satchmo
  7. The Real Ambassador
  8. In The Lurch
  9. One Moment Worth Years
  10. You Swing, Baby
  11. They Say I Look Like God
  12. I Didn't Know Until You Told Me
  13. Since Love Had Its Way
  14. Easy As You Go
  15. Swing Bells/Blow Satchmo/Finale