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Marvin Gaye

Né(e) le : 02/04/1939

Nom de naissance : Marvin Pentz Gay Jr

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Motown , Soul

Trouble Man: 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition

  1. Main Theme From Trouble Man
  2. "T" Plays It Cool
  3. Poor Abbey Walsh
  4. The Break In (Police Shoot Big)
  5. Cleo's Apartment
  6. Theme From Trouble Man
  7. "T" Stands For Trouble
  8. Main Theme From Trouble Man
  9. Deep In It
  10. Don't Mess With Mister "T"
  11. There Goes Mister "T"
  12. Main Theme From Trouble Man
  13. "T" Plays It Cool
  14. Poor Abbey Walsh
  15. Poor Abbey Walsh
  16. Theme From Trouble Man
  17. "T" Stands For Trouble
  18. "T" Stands For Trouble
  19. Main Theme From Trouble Man
  20. Pool Hall
  21. "T" Plays It Cool
  22. Cadillac Interlude/Cleo's Apartment
  23. Man Tied Up/Jimmy's West/Conversation With Cleo
  24. Crap Game (A.K.A. The Break In)/Getting Rid Of Body/Talking To Angel
  25. Outside Police Station
  26. Bowling Alley Parking Lot
  27. Stick Up
  28. Cleaners/Cleo
  29. Closing Jimmy's
  30. Police Break In
  31. "T" Cleans Up/Police Station
  32. Packing Up/Jimmy Gets Worked/Saying Goodbye/"T" Breaks In/Movie Theater
  33. Car Ride/Looking For Pete
  34. Parking Garage/Elevator
  35. Penthouse
  36. Getting Pete
  37. My Name Is "T"/End Credits
  38. "T" At The Cross