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James Blunt

Né(e) le : 22/02/1974

Nom de naissance : James Hillier Blount

Pays de naissance : Royaume-Uni

Genre musical : Pop rock

Who We Used to Be

Who We Used to Be

Who We Used to Be

  1. Saving A Life
  2. Some Kind Of Beautiful
  3. Beside You
  4. Last Dance
  5. All The Love That I Ever Needed
  6. The Girl That Never Was
  7. Cold Shoulder
  8. I Won’t Die With You
  9. Dark Thought
  10. Glow
  11. Confetti And Roses (Bonus Track)
  12. Care A Little Less (Bonus Track)
  13. A Thousand Lives (Bonus Track)
  14. When You’re Gone (Bonus Track)